Top Hair Styling Products to Achieve Different Looks


The amount of possible hair styling products to choose from can be overwhelming, right? We are here to break it down for you. Let’s have a look into top used hair styling products and what hairstyles can be achieved using them. Also, if you ever wondered what is the correct way of using some of these products, keep on reading!

  • Hair spray

Using hair spray allows you to achieve a few different looks. You can use spray to create volume, ensure all-day hold or keep unwanted flyaways. Hair sprays mostly come in different forms and types according to finish and hold strength depending on what look you want to achieve. When using hair spray it is important to hold it at least 30 centimeters away and spray in continuous motion.

  • Hair mousse

This product is a great way to add volume easily but it is recommended to use volumizing shampoo and conditioner before using hair mousse to maximize the effect. Apply hair mousse on damp hair concentrating on roots and do not over do it, a little goes a long way. When blow drying, brush your hair strands upwards to ensure volume. As a hair spray, mousse come at different levels of hold strength.

  • Wave styling cream

If you wish to tame rebellious waves and curls choose a product that is designed to style curly hair. Wave and curl styling cream is easy to create shape, smooth and define curl patterns. Simply apply  cream on damp hair, distribute evenly and the shape waves using a diffuser or let hair dry naturally.

  • Styling lotion

Hair gels, pomades can be substituted by lighter product – styling lotion. If you wish to create a natural hairstyle apply lotion to damp hair to create texture and shape memory or only on the roots to ensure volume. Styling lotion can be used to create waves and curls too.

This was only a brief introduction on how to use the most popular hair styling products. Hopefully you find it informational, helpful and encouraging to try out new looks. Now go ahead, find your perfect styling product match and wow the streets with new hairstyles.

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