Eyebrow Digital Microblading and the 30-day Healing Process


When you are putting on makeup, one of the parts of your face, which you usually set focus on is your eyebrows. It is because other people cannot avoid looking into your face, especially on your eyes, when talking to you. Now, to boost your confidence and to look more presentable, you make sure that your brows got the perfect curve. However, not everybody is given with a perfectly sketched-like eyebrows. That’s why a lot of ladies look for various solutions like by tampering, shading, using gels or tints and going for tattoos or digital microblading.

If you would like to try on the latest and one of the most effective ways to enhance your brows, then I suggest you to check on the digital microblading. This is actually the latest trend and becoming popular with women from different parts of the world. Indeed, it is quite costly for some, but you can surely afford it because it can last for over 1 year. I guess, this period is long enough to stop worrying and taking time working on your eyebrows, every time you are putting on your makeup.

With this technique, the expert is required to use a special pen in making the hair full. It’s like having a temporary tattoo, where you won’t feel pain because of the anesthetic – for you to feel at ease. The session will take a maximum of 2 hours. After this, you should avoid washing the pigmented part. Anyway, the expert makes sure to inform you about the do’s and dont’s to avoid complications and to achieve the desired result. Most of the time, you just need to wait for a week for the pigment to show. However, the complete microblading healing process may take a month.

Day 1- 4

At first, your brows will look like denser and darker, but this will fade in time. There might be redness on the skin, which is actually normal. It might also bleed, but eventually, it will stop and this is a part of the healing process. Therefore, you do not need to worry.

After 48 hours, the redness of the area will still be experienced, though it was lessened. And then, the pigment will get darker.

On the third and fourth day, the pain will start to subside as well as the redness of the area. If you are going to observe your brows, you will notice that it will start getting thicker. I supposed, this will not only excite you, but would be happier as well.

Day 5-7

Today, you are going to experience something new and that is the itching. I know that you would like to scratch it, but you are not allowed to do so – keep this in mind. You should be aware that there are still open wounds. Therefore, scratching it might lead to serious problems.

You may also notice scabbing underneath the strokes of the hair. You should not freak out because the wound is just trying to get healed. This situation is similar after having a tattoo. You may not want to look at your eyebrows during this period, but just ignore the scabbing.

By the way, you are now experiencing the most difficult part of the healing process. If you can see big scabs, then do not pick it to avoid destroying the pigment and end up with patches. The expert will advise on how you are going to clean this, so be very attentive. The scabs will come off on its own, anyway.

Day 7-10

Another rollercoaster feeling will be experience before the week ends because this is the start of the scabs to flake off naturally. This will surely reduce the freaking moments. When it comes to the color, you will notice that it would be lighter. And then, there would be spots, where the color is not showing up. Again, do not panic because this is a normal part of the healing process.

Do not think that the pigment did not go well and that the expert did not do his job well. I know that the brows look lighter and you might want to put on makeup, especially when you do not like what you’re seeing. But you better consult the artist first before doing so.

Day 14-21

After two weeks, the healing process will end soon. During this time, you will notice that the scabbing is finally over. But this does not always mean that the healing process is complete. The time it takes to get healed differs for each person.

Now, if you are going to look at the color, then you will notice that it is back. Actually, it even look better and prettier than before. It looks really perfect and other people can also see the changes. By this time you are allowed to put on slight makeup.

Day 21-30

The last days of the healing process is surely the most exciting ones. This is where the skin will be healed completely. And then, the color will look really amazing. If you are going to touch the eyebrows, then you will feel its softness.

Everything will actually look natural and I am pretty sure that you are very happy with the result. But do not forget that you have to visit your artist after completing the healing phase.


Well, you should know that these period could also be your follow-up checkup. This means that you are going to visit the artist. During this time, missed pigment spots may be seen. Do not worry because the expert will be fixing this. So, there is no reason for you to panic and freak out.

Keep in mind that the follow-up must be scheduled 1-2 months after the digital microblading session. Of course, the skin has completely recovered. Which means that it is ready to receive changes and modifications, especially when the desired result was not achieved. That’s why it is important to choose a reliable artist to avoid repeating the pains, scabs and itchy experiences.

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