Men’s Formal Shoes: 4 Main Styles to Choose From


Whether you are about to join a new organization or want to add that perfect touch to your formal look, you need a pair of formal shoes that can ideally complete your tuxedo. Although there is no limit to the design varieties in the formal shoes for men, they are found in a few classic styles that have been in use for over decades and continue to be embraced by brands. At Dynacart, you can find some excellent men’s formal shoes from top, premium and global brands. Before you start shopping from your favorite online platform, here are the 4 main styles to consider.

  1. Oxford Shoes

The formal footwear for men has become synonymous with the Oxford style, which is a classic style with an essentially sleek detailing on the front. This frontal design is also referred to as closed lacing. Oxford shoes are mostly found in leather but these days, you can find them in a variety of materials such as suede and canvas. Thus, these are being worn for casual settings too. Ideally, you must keep a pair of tan oxford style formal shoes as regular wear for office and for occasional formal purposes such as attending a cocktail gathering.

  1. Derby Shoes

A derby style formal shoe is different from its Oxford counterpart by virtue of its lace detailing. If you are particularly looking for men’s smart shoes, a derby shoe should be your pick. A derby styled shoe also comes with an extra wamp for shoe lace, which is called open-lacing. This open-lacing detailing is what makes this style a lot chunkier and perfectly suitable for formal gatherings, especially in official settings.

  1. Monk Strap Shoes

In spite of being formal shoes, monk strap shoes can be worn in multiple occasions as they can be paired with a variety of outfits. These shoes are also found in different materials ranging from leather to suede. The monk strap comes with metallic details that provide an edgy update to the otherwise, plain, old leather shoe. The style has actually been popular for a long-time now.

  1. Brogue Shoes

Brogue shoes were designed for outdoor activities. The USP of the design of these shoes are the tiny holes on the surface of the footwear. The purpose was to enable the draining of water, collected inside the shoes. Broguing is more of a design trend now as this style is found in not just the formal black shoes for men but also sneakers. Broguing adds a rustic appeal to the plain, formal shoes and this design goes well with the derby shoes as well.

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