‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ Offer On Ideal Products Available at Boots KSA


Will you believe if you can get two best quality products in the price of one?  And they belong to the best skin care brands in the world. Obviously you will not believe it. You will search out the flaws related to the quantity, quality and the manufacturing date etc. But relax yourself and quickly scroll down the available products of Ego Qv at Boots. Do not miss this golden chance of getting Ego best products in ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ offer.   And not only this, you can avail the chance of making more discount if you have Boots discount code.

Ego Qv Kids Wash

This product is specially designed for soft, delicate and sensitive skin of kids containing lanolin and propylene glycol which are suitable for dry, sensitive and itchy skin. It can deal with all skin irritations which are caused by dry skin condition. Its fragrance free and pH balanced formula make it an ideal wash for kids of all ages. This wash can be used on body and hairs as the micro beads contains vitamins A and E which are equally beneficial for both; hairs and skin. Just make your day by using Boots discount code on all the Ego Kids products. There is no hide and seek game as all the significant details are displayed on the package.

Ego Moov Head Lice Shampoo

It is an effective head lice treatment at home and is clinically proven. The feature which makes it different from the other related products is that there is no use to shampoo your hairs after completing the treatment process.  It is a quick 15 minutes process which leaves your hairs soft and smooth. The complete process is written on the package which will help you out in treatment. Do not forget to take advantage from Boots discount code scheme.

Ego Qv Face Nurturing Night Cream

A sound sleep is beneficial for our internal organs as they work smoothly and fast at that time. Same like that the massaging process before going to sleep helps in radiant glowing skin. This nurturing night cream contains the extracts of sunflower oil which improves the elasticity of skin and helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. Just make a habit of applying a layer of it over the face after cleansing and see visible smoother and shinier skin as before. Use Boots discount code if you are a good budget maker of the house.

Ego Qv Hand Cream

It gives instant moisture to your hands without a greasy touch. The restoration ability of the cream helps in protecting, nourishing and moisturising your hands at instant. Start applying the cream from nails to the wrist and explore the glow of your hands and nails. It is suitable for sensitive skin thus nourishing your hands with moisture throughout the day. Download Boots discount code from the coupon site and enjoy heavy discounts on the items on sale.

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