My 5 best fashion buys of the month


After thoroughly cleaning out my closet the last couple of months I figured it was time to fill in the gaps! These are my 5 best buys of April:

  1. Navy Suede booties

Although suede boots for spring might seem a little off, I couldn’t resist this soft pair. I love the fact that they’re navy instead of black and they’re surprisingly comfortable. Also, I got them on sale via Doll Beauty so it was just a matter of veni, vidi, visa really.

  1. Striped bell sleeve blouse

This season I am more into shirts and blouses than ever. Fabric is key, cotton or any other natural material works best for a breezy look and feel. This one is made out of lightweight cotton, which makes it perfect for those warmer days.

  1. Knotted shirt

Another shirt! I particularly like the crispy white fabric which makes it look really clean, while the knotted front adds a nice twist. Got this one on sale too, yay!

  1. Longline sleeveless coat

This might very well be my absolute best buy this month. I love everything about it and it definitely is something different from what I usually wear, which helps coming up with new and fresh looks. Also, the quality is really good (no synthetic fabrics used).

  1. Black chain bag

Already got this one back in March, but April is the month in which I really discovered it. I wasn’t too sure about it first (must have had something to do with my special love for my other bag), but now I’m hooked. Apparently, I’ve got this thing for bags on a chain…

Did you do some shopping in April as well? What’s your favourite purchase?

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