Getting An Excellent Deal Buying Silver Jewellery In Bangkok


Bangkok is an excellent shopping destination for many things, including beautiful silver jewellery. Bangkok is one of the world’s central trading hubs for finished jewellery and coloured gemstones, so there are plenty of options available. If you are going to be heading to Bangkok soon and want to buy some exquisite silver jewellery for you or someone you love, below are some tips to help you get the best deal possible.

Have An Idea Of What You Want To Buy

Before you start hiking around the various places selling silver jewellery in Bangkok, you will want to know what you want first. There are plenty of options available, including:

  • Silver Earrings
  • Silver Bracelets
  • Silver Rings
  • Silver Brooches
  • Silver Necklaces

If you have an idea of the type of jewellery you want to buy, you will find it much easier to find what you want. Once you know what you want to buy, you can start looking for jewellery stores offering 925 sterling silver wholesale prices.

Starting Your Search For Beautiful Silver Jewellery

When you are looking for shops selling silver jewellery, it is often best to avoid the large shopping malls in Bangkok, of which there are many. You will often find that the jewellery stores in the shopping malls are much more expensive, so it is best to look for smaller and independent jewellery stores. You will also want to visit the markets as you can often find beautiful silver jewellery for sale at these. Bangkok has plenty of markets, such as the largest open-air market globally, Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Haggle On The Price

One of the marvellous things about shopping in Thailand is that you can often negotiate the price of things you are looking to buy, and it is the same with silver jewellery. Haggling is expected in Thailand, and you will want the vendor to make the first move by asking for their best price. You will want to counter them with a price you are happy to pay but ensure you do not make too low an offer, which may offend the vendor. You can go back and forth until you come up with a price that you are both happy with, and you can then complete the sale.

Do Not Forget To Claim Back The VAT

As a tourist in Thailand, you can claim back the VAT you pay n large purchases, such as silver jewellery. Some stores will be a member of the scheme and can give you the VAT reduction at the point of sale. However, if they are not a member of this scheme, do not worry, as you can claim it back at the airport before heading home. There are conditions on the VAT refund, and you can find out more information about this by clicking here.

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