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Semi-formal dress is more elegant than an office dress; however it is not as formal as tuxedo. In case, you are invited in the evening, try to follow more formal guideline than that of a day time event. You can wear semi-formal dress while going to holiday events, fine bistro and weddings. When you receive invitation to join semi-formal event, do not get puzzled because there are multiple options to select between informal and formal. Even you can refer VogaCloset code for buying a new semi-formal dress with relevant accessories.

Semi-Formal Attires According to Age Group

  • For Women

Satin, cashmere and silk are the dressy fabric options that look awesome with flats or strappy sandals. It depends on your choice to pick pearls, shiny gemstones or fashion jewelry with semi-formal dressing. Do not wear excess of jewelry as it will give a costume like appearance.

  • Pre-Teen and Teen Girls

Nature of event and age of girls define the relevant dress for semi-formal occasion. Prom, sweet sixteen, dance and holiday parties are just right events for semi-formal dressing. A short dress having sequins is appropriate for school dance party. If the dress has all over sparkle, try to use jewelry in less shiny mode. On the other hand, less shiny dresses need rhinestone shiny jewelry for a jovial appearance. Avail vogacloset code for selecting the right dress in your favorite style and color.

For high school girl, it is appropriate to wear off shoulders or well-fitted dress on special events. There is a defined dress code in various schools that prevents to show necklines, strapless tops or high slits.

  • For Men

For men, semi-formal gathering demands to carry dress shirt with dark suit. It is optional to wear a vest. You can select a tie but it is not necessary to carry it. Are you unsure whether to wear a tie with your suit or not? Just pick the right tie and wear with the suit. If it looks awkward in the party, just take it off. Keep in mind; it is necessary to wear a belt that matches with socks and dress shoes.

  • Teen Boys

Just like men, teen boys should follow the same dress code. They need to initiate with decent dress pants, jacket, tie and front button shirt. At daytime, light color suits are perfect whereas dark is good for evening or night time parties. Lace-up, oxford, or loafers in dark dressy are enough to complete the preparation. Do not go outside without wearing socks. After all, semi-formal events demand good grooming. It is necessary to have clean and combed hair, tucked in shirt and tie hanged at the perfect level.

Get vogacloset code for selecting semi-formal outfit within your budget. Ladies should wear footwear matching with the place of event. Always get informed about the venue. If the event is planned outdoor, do not wear heels because these cause walking complicated on the sand and grass. Do not forget to take a shawl, scarf or shrug to cover yourself when the cool breeze blows.

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