Airbrush Makeup Versus Mineral Makeup – That Is Best?


While traditional makeup has existed for hundreds of years, mineral makeup (like Bare Minerals) and airbrush makeup (like Luminess Air) have grown to be the talk from the entertainment industry lately. These new types of makeup offer promises of simpler and faster application while growing your general beauty. Do either of these meet the hype? When evaluating airbrush makeup and mineral makeup, which is the best for you?

Mineral makeup acquired recognition when ecological groups introduced to light the harmful chemicals present in traditional makeup brands. Anything mineral-based or organic anyway attracts huge crowd, therefore the recognition more natural makeup isn’t surprising. Bare Minerals is easily the most well-known from the companies offering mineral makeup because of their heavy infomercial marketing campaigns.

While mineral makeup is quick to use and feels light onto the skin, it doesn’t offer heavy coverage. While that could be a help to some, individuals as we grow older spots, acne, or any other skin imperfections might not be happy with its results. Powdered based, individuals with dried-out skin might run into flaky appearances too. With respect to the get you noticed choose, mineral makeup may also come with an problem with remaining power during the day. Around the plus side, it’s less costly that lots of professional makeup brands and it is easy for traveling.

Airbrush makeup includes specialized formula of makeup that’s thinly sprayed evidently or body with a wand and compressed air. When applied, if provides the same a perfect finish frequently observed in magazine spreads. Like Bare Minerals, Luminess Air includes a strong television presence via infomercials and residential shopping channels.

Whilst not perfect, airbrush makeup offers many positive features. When applied, the makeup has amazing remaining power, frequently lasting 16-24 hrs. It won’t rub on clothes or other things for instance. With respect to the get you noticed use, it is simple to mix eyeshadow or blush colors, providing you with an limitless quantity of unique shades of makeup. Around the downside, the beginning-up costs for equipment could be pricey. Also, in case your face becomes moist (whether from rain, sweat, or any other causes of water), the makeup may become streaky and when airbrushed makeup streaks, it is not easy (otherwise impossible) to the touch up.

Our final verdict? If you’re able to afford an airbrush makeup package, we recommend it. After some practice, it’s easy to have the ability to apply professional searching makeup every day!

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