Achieving a Smart Casual Look with Casual Shirts for Men


Whether you want a smart casual look or go for a more formal look, shirts are a staple item of men’s fashion. You can wear them for a night out with colleagues or as a formal work outfit. You can use casual long sleeve shirts as part of an ensemble or make their own statement. There are many ways to ear these pieces of clothing mixing their colors, designs, and styles.

Importance of Fit

Unlike dress shirts, casual shirts offer you more leeway in terms of the fit. While slim fit shirts or tailored fit shirts are usually desirable with dress shirts, casual pieces can look good in a looser style. This is especially true when they are worn in hot conditions. But, it’s important to know your chest measurements when wearing any style of shirt. The majority of suit or tailor’s shops will give you this information for free.

Wearing Casual Long Sleeve Shirts

How you wear a casual long sleeve shirt depends on the type you choose including the following:

  • Denim casual shirts are durable and versatile. They can be worn as part of a layered outfit or as a standalone piece. Their light and textured material makes them perfect if you want to tone down your outfit without compromising on your style. If you want to wear a thick denim material, consider combining the top with a T-shirt to casually layer your outfit and add new dimensions.
  • Plaid casual shirts for men have become some of the most fashionable pieces any man can own. They are often worn with plenty of denim. The dark navy tends to work perfectly with the plaid design. Also, the fabric’s rustic texture contributes to the masculine style you may want to showcase.

  • A white long sleeve shirt will give you a clean and crisp look. The white acts as a base color for the rest of the look. A plain white oxford shirt paired with dark navy chinos will give you a smart casual look. The color contrast creates a good balance within your outfit and ensures it does not become too bright.
  • Although you may not initially think of black in terms of casual shirts, a black casual shirt can be your best choice if you wish to go for an all-black look. But, try to wear an Oxford shirt made from more textured material so you do not look like a cheesy DJ from the 90s.

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